Posted by: Paul | July 15, 2011

Facebook’s 30 Day Song Challenge – Day 27

Day 27 – A song you wish you could play. Dinosaur Jr – ‘Out There’

As far as I’m concerned, J Mascis is the best guitarist who has ever lived. Despite the slacker attitude and the barely-intelligible drawl, the man was my guitar-playing idol and is the reason I’m supposed to own a Fender Jazzmaster (which turned out to be a Jaguar, but that’s another story entirely). ‘Out There’ has the mightiest opening guitar barrage of the nineties – perhaps ever – and though I can play other Dinosaur songs this one has always eluded me. And that has always jarred. I would consider it a major achievement if I ever managed to blast out even just the first few bars, but since it’s been almost 20 years…I don’t hold out much hope. I still love to listen to it and dream though.


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