Posted by: Paul | June 29, 2011

Facebook’s 30 Day Song Challenge – Day 11

Day 11 – A song from your favourite band – Aereogramme – ‘Barriers’

Barriers Video

I like far too many bands to have a ‘favourite’, so here’s a band I adored who have sadly split up, and deserved a far bigger audience than they ever got.

Like a lot of the music I like, there’s a duality to Aereogramme – they veer from sledgehammer-heavy on songs like ‘Wood’ and ‘Dreams and Bridges’, to the fragility and soaring melodies of ‘Conscious Life For Coma Boy’ and this, the standout single from their final album, ‘My Heart Has A Wish That You Would Not Go’. I was lucky enough to see Aereogramme live three times towards the end of their time, when a career-threatening throat problem meant singer Craig B had to pull back on the screams of their heavier material and as such they changed their sound quite significantly – but not to their disadvantage.

If you like this, check out Craig’s new project, The Unwinding Hours – not unlike Aereogramme’s latter material. And that, in my book, is a very good thing.


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