Posted by: Paul | June 25, 2011

Facebook’s 30 Day Song Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 – A song which reminds you of a certain event – Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – ‘Kill Your Television’

Neds were a big deal during my teenage years. Not sure if it was just the school I went to or the crowd of friends I had at the time but they were worshipped like conquering heroes by teenage boys in 1991. They were the first proper gig I went to (on the ‘Are You Normal’ tour, I cottoned on a bit later than most), and the bands which sprang up at school – seemingly changing names and personnel on a weekly basis – also covered Neds songs.

They’re still a lot of fun to listen to from time to time, though their material has dated, but it’s the peculiarly transportative quality of music which means that with just a few bars of KYTV I’m straight back to the time of moshing and stagediving. Neither of which I went in for with any great enthusiasm!


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