Posted by: Paul | June 20, 2011

Facebook’s 30 Day Song Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 – Your least favourite song. Jay-Z – ’99 Problems’

Rather like yesterday’s category, this is a little too broad for me to take seriously, but here at least I do have a least favourite genre of music – Hip Hop. I hate it. I switch off the radio whenever someone starts to rap. I can’t stand it and I’m not going to apologise for that. The sound is as offensive to my ears as the content is offensive to my view of the world. It’s misogynist, egotistical, and aggressive, exemplifying a lot of the characteristics I dislike in individual people. I’m aware that this is tarring an awful lot of music with the same brush, and I don’t care. I’m aware this is making me sound like an old man, and I don’t care about that either. No example of the genre you can play me will ever change my mind. Even so-called ‘classics’ like Grandmaster Flash or De La Soul do nothing for me. Take away your Hip Hop; I never want to experience it again.

This song in particular demonstrates a lot of the things I don’t like, so it seemed as good a choice as anything, but in reality it could be any track up there. I have to admit I was one of the people grumbling under his breath when Jay-Z headlined Glastonbury a couple of years ago, but I thought I’d give him a chance and watch the first few songs of his set, hoping for some spectacular epiphany to change my mind. I soon realised my initial response was right after all. That’s half an hour of my life I’ll never get back!


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