Posted by: Paul | June 19, 2011

Facebook’s 30 Day Song Challenge – Day 1

Quite a few of my friends are either in the process of doing, or have already completed, this ‘challenge’. The idea is to post a song a day on your FB profile according to a list of criteria – a song which makes you happy, a song which makes you sad, and so on. Nice idea, and I’m a little surprised at myself for not joining in with it earlier as it’s right up my street. So in addition to posting the songs on my (private) Facebook profile I thought I’d also post them here with a little expansion on the reasons for each choice.

Day 1 – ‘Your Favourite Song’. Feeder – ‘Just A Day’

Well, firstly, what a dumbass category this is. I mean, seriously, can anyone who enjoys music honestly say they have a ‘favourite’ song? I certainly don’t. So what I’ve done instead is pick something which expresses to me the joy of music, the joy of listening to music, and the joy of following your favourite bands. This video, made from fan ‘performances’ of the song, is enormous fun and I defy you not to be carried along by the at times overly earnest enthusiasm of the participants. Air guitars at the ready!

I first encountered Feeder when they opened the V97 festival in Chelmsford, and they blew me away. In a sea of Britpop bands when the movement was in its death throes, Feeder made music which sounded completely out of step with the time and was all the better for it. Loud, tuneful, uplifting, it washed away the greyness of the other bands and nothing else I saw that day came close to how Feeder left me feeling. I’ve followed them ever since, and though they’ve had ups and downs in the quality of their material, they have a back catalogue to rival the best British rock bands of the last 20 years. They are the Foo Fighters with English accents. They’re Smashing Pumpkins with a sense of humour. They are Feeder, and no-one else does it quite like them. Cheers Grant and co, you’ve soundtracked many happy times for me, and that is probably the best reason to kick this ‘challenge’ off with ‘Just A Day’.


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