Posted by: Paul | May 1, 2011


You might deduce from the lack of recent blog posts that I’ve been rather busy of late. You’d be right. Today I’ve come to the end of a very intense 5-6 week period of work. My reward? A 4am airport run for the folks.

So I’ve completed my involvement in quite a few simultaneous projects now – Gravesend, The Steins Collect at SFMOMA, Tim Burton at LACMA, Villa Vauban in Luxembourg, and a bus tour of Malta and Gozo. All that remains is the translations for Chelsea FC in about 10 days, and then I get a well-earned rest.

Of course, this is the time you start to worry a little. Working hard and invoicing lots is all well and good, but you’ve got to keep things rolling or you…well, stop. To that end I have a couple of estimates out for forthcoming projects about which I’m waiting to hear, so fingers crossed. It’s been a bright start to the new financial year, and I sincerely hope it continues in the same vein. I’d be quite happy to have three or four periods like this a year, interspersed with complete breaks – that would suit my needs quite nicely. I don’t mind at all working in the evenings or at weekends as I have been doing, as long as it’s (a) rewarded and (b) I get a significant break to look forward to and keep me going.

Anyway, things which have happened in the interim which may well have merited a blog post under different circumstances:

– The Walking Dead is showing on Channel 5. It’s halfway through the series so I will make an effort to get to the subject before it ends.

– The Crimson Petal And The White, on BBC2: OH MY GOODNESS I’m not sure I’ve seen anything better on TV this year. The sound design on it’s own is worthy of awards. Every frame a painting. This series is simply extraordinary.

– Spiral on BBC4. Audrey Fleurot. That’s all I’m going to say. Audrey Fleurot.

– Explosions In The Sky released their new album, ‘Take Care, Take Care, Take Care.’ If you’re a fan of their work you will not be disappointed, but do not buy the MP3s from Amazon – there is a glitch in ‘Last Known Surroundings’ at seven minutes in, and despite saying they would they have yet to either remove the album from the download section, or correct the track. This is the only album I have bought this year. This tells you a number of things.

– Spurs have suffered a catastrophic collapse of form, not helped by execrable refereeing decisions. The fourth Champions League spot is now Manchester City’s to lose, I fear.

– A Royal married someone. This is bottom of the list for a reason. I heard a great phrase to describe how I feel about this situation on the radio the other day: ‘Respectful indifference.’ Sums it up for me, really. I wish them well on a human level, but seriously – why do people care about this? The media hysteria is vomit-inducing.


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