Posted by: Paul | April 13, 2011

Conversations with a Three-Year-Old: Answer the question!

I think I said in an earlier post that Adam is deep into his ‘Why?’ phase. Everything is ‘Why?’, no matter what preceded or succeeds it. A typical conversation goes like this:

‘Yes Adam?’
(Inane question)
(Increasingly frustrated answer)

His inquiring mind touches on many topics. Questions range from the practical (‘Why do I go to nursery?’) to the economic (‘Why does Mummy go to work?’), to the political (‘Why does that man keep talking?’, when pointing at David Cameron on TV), to the theoretical (‘Why have I got legs?’). There are science questions (‘Why is the sky blue?’), technical questions (‘Why have you got headphones?’), natural history questions (‘Why has Toby got legs?’ – what is it with legs?), and sport questions (‘Why are they playing football?’). He has aspirations (‘Why can’t I have a new house?’), fears (‘Why are there spiders?’), likes and dislikes (‘Why have I got peas? Why can’t I have beans?’)

From this, you can pretty much tell how my day goes. Perhaps he would make a good interrogator – he certainly never gives up.

‘Alright Briggs, now tell us – why did you rob the bank?’
‘For the money.’
‘But why?’
‘Because I needed it.’
‘But why?’

You get the picture. They’d crack in five minutes.


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