Posted by: Paul | March 23, 2011

Blog Neglect


As you might expect from the lack of recent posts, I’ve been rather busy of late. Work has picked up somewhat, and I’m staring down the barrel of a very busy April with projects colliding and schedules shifting. I’m busy in a good way!

But what’s principally taken up my time in the last week is a bit more of a sales push on the house. We’ve had very little interest thus far, and so spurred on by the flowering of our cherry tree in the garden we’re having some new, improved, spring-like exterior photos taken. This has meant I’ve been chopping, cutting, clearing, fixing, painting and planting in order to make the place look a bit more like we care about it. Which of course we do! But you know how it is, laziness sets in (particularly over the winter) and the last thing you feel like doing most of the time is mowing the lawn or painting the fence.

Anyway, it looks better now and whether it will generate more interest is unknown – but at least it does not look off-putting. I’m in two minds about whether the local market is the problem, or whether it’s something totally obvious about our property that we’re either missing or have learned to live with that is not converting internet viewers (which we’re not short of) into actual viewers (which we are).

It’s probably best for the next month or so to forget the house is for sale at all and just get my head down and charge through the projects I have booked in. I’m looking forward to it – had a nice taster project over the last week to keep my hand in, so I’m raring to go on the new stuff. I can’t promise I’ll blog more regularly over this period, but I aim to post at least once a week.

From once a day to once a week…what a difference a year makes. I’m approaching the end of my first full financial year of trading as a freelancer, taking stock and looking ahead. Things are pretty bright right now, lots booked in and leads for more, so here’s hoping that snowball keeps right on rolling!


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