Posted by: Paul | March 1, 2011

A Pox On Thy House

Apologies for the total absence of activity in the past week. The little one unexpectedly came down with chickenpox (is it ever possible to expect something like that?) and so I’ve been pretty much confined indoors for the best part of a week while he gets over it. To be honest he hasn’t suffered too many ill effects (apart from being covered head to toe in spots), he’s mostly been charging around the same as usual. Which can be pretty tiring when you can’t go out and let him wear himself out!

Our routine completely fell apart during this period, obviously. Take yesterday – he would normally have been in nursery on a Monday but I decided to keep him home for just one more day in order to let his spots heal some more. Unfortunately, it rained all day so we couldn’t even so much as go into the garden. I tell you, hide and seek wears pretty thin when you’ve only got the living room to play it in, and a toddler who hides in the same place every single time…! I’ve also had my fill of animated movies for, well, the foreseeable future I think.

Anyway, back to peace, quiet, and blessed solitude today. Some admin to catch up on, and a little bit of preparation for the onslaught of projects shortly to begin, about which I’m very excited. February was fairly flat in terms of work so I’m itching to get my teeth into something new.

Two things have also happened in the TV world in the last week which, while not worthy of posts in their own right, still relate to other things I’ve written:

1. The BBC, in its infinite wisdom, has elected not to recommission Zen. At an average of 7 million viewers per episode, over 700 hits in a single day on my own insignificant little review (getting on for 1500 now) and a torrent of outrage at the series only running to three episodes, I’d say it was pretty popular. What gives, Beeb?

2. Outcasts has been buried late on Sunday nights. How’s that for sticking by your expensive new properties? That, ladies and gentlemen, I would call an expensive mistake not to be repeated. The whole thing is a bit of a shame – after an interesting opening episode it became very dull for the next 4 hours, then suddenly got interesting again. I sincerely hope they tie up the story in episode 8, as we ain’t gettin’ no more.



  1. Ah yes Outcasts, the BBC’s new ‘Bonekickers’ 🙂 Or a new method of combating my insomnia….

    • I loved the trailer for ‘Bonekickers’ – when each of the cast, one after the other, shot a cheesy look straight at the camera. I thought it was supposed to be funny. Apparently not.

      ‘Outcasts’ could have been so good. I really liked the premise. I’m so disappointed! I think the fault is largely down to the script. And the acting. And, come to think of it, the casting itself. And the effects.

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