Posted by: Paul | February 17, 2011

Busy again

Thought I’d post a general update today for those interested – it’s certainly been a while since I’ve done that!

1. Work is picking up gradually after Xmas – today I’m tinkering with some HTML5 code for a mobile website for a client. For the uninitiated, HTML5 is the new web standard and blah blah blah. Trouble is, if you don’t keep your browser up to date or have an older machine, you won’t get the benefits and blah blah blah. Where it’s important for me is it includes a couple of nifty new tags such as , which means you can include an audio clip on a page without having to embed a separate player and blah blah blah. With me so far? No? Anyway, I’ve been going through a client’s old audio tour material, picking out some gems and adding them to this site using the above method. When it’s ready for launch I’ll publicise it, but you’ll likely need a ‘smartphone’ of some kind to access it properly.

2. April and May are just about fully booked with two big projects. One I can’t say anything about until the contract is in my hands, and the other is a selection of downloadable audio tours for Gravesham Council (Gravesend, in Kent). Hopefully starting pre-production on those shortly.

3. House move is not moving. Market is totally flat, no buyers out there. Playing the waiting game unfortunately.

4. Adam will be starting pre-school in a few weeks, which is exciting but bittersweet – he’s growing up so fast and before I know it he’ll be at primary school and my stay-at-home-Dad status will be reduced to just staying at home. I’ve loved spending so much time with him, I don’t really want him to get any older!

5. Looking forward to the Nightjar party where I will hopefully catch up with a few old friends.

That’s it for now. Over and out.


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