Posted by: Paul | January 18, 2011

Sorry it’s late… Songs from the year 2010

Below is the list of songs contained within my Best of 2010 compilation, which I’ll be sending directly to those concerned in due course. I’m late this year – I normally aim to have this done before Xmas, but having not bought or even listened to a great deal of music in the past 12 months, I’ve had to put some extra work into finishing it up.

The aim with these compilations for me is to fill a single audio CD, for use in the car. I know CDs are deeply unfashionable now, but that’s how I do most of my listening these days – when I’m driving around. So, I hope you find something to enjoy here – as usual, I’ve enjoyed all of it at some point during the last year, and only cheated a little bit 😉

1. The Kissaway Trail – SDP (from Sleep Mountain).
If you took half TKT’s first album and put it together with half of 2010’s Sleep Mountain, you’d have a heck of a complete album and this would be on it. Shame they’ve done things by halves so far!

2. OK Go – This Too Shall Pass (from Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky)
Everyone’s favourite music video makers made another couple of great videos last year, and in particular I loved this, with the machinery and the dominoes and the paint guns and everything. Stomping tune too.

3. Band Of Horses – Factory (from Infinite Arms)
If I’d got this earlier, it might have taken the album of the year slot away from Foals for me. A cracker from beginning to end, opening track ‘Factory’ lays the harmonies on thick and never fails to put a smile on my face.

4. Jonsí – Go Do (from Go)
Like a pop version of Sigur Rós, Go Do bounces along like it’s on a spacehopper. Music for Adam to trampoline to.

5. Bombay Bicycle Club – Rinse Me Down (from Flaws)
Now playing in a gastropub near you, BBC are riding the zeitgeist and will be huge.

6. Zoey Van Goey – My Persecution Complex (from The Cage Was Unlocked All Along)
Lovely track from the Chemikal Underground stable, and the year’s best titles and lyrical turn of phrase.

7. Foals – This Orient (from Total Life Forever)
I dare you not to get swept up in this wonderful slice of loved-up leftfield rock mayhem. I DARE you.

8. Emma Pollock – I Could Be A Saint (from The Law of Large Numbers)
Disappointingly lacklustre album from Emma, but still contained a few Delgados-esque Glasgow indie gems. Like this.

9. Ellie Goulding – Lights (from Bright Lights)
After the brilliant Under The Sheets last year, I was so looking forward to Ellie’s album. What a huge, overproduced disappointment. And then she goes and makes me fall in love with her again with this later in the year – when it was the title track for the original album, why on earth did she leave it off?

10. The XX – Heart Skips A Beat (from The XX)
2009 song cheat alert! OK, it was released the year before. But they were everywhere in 2010 and won the Mercury, so it counts. So there.

11. Arcade Fire – Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) (from The Suburbs)
This was the highlight from my favourite album for much of the year (until I got Foals). Makes me want to dance, and there’s not many songs that do that.

12. Muse – Neutron Star Collision (from the single of the same name)
Muse finally mutated into Queen with this standalone single this year. All that is left is for them to don white jumpsuits.

13. The Black Keys – Tighten Up (from Brothers)
Bluesy, ballsy stomper recommended to me by Sam B. Thanks, Sam. It’s really good.

14. Broken Bells – The High Road (from Broken Bells)
The Shins’ James Mercer’s new project, it was fairly far from the jangly indie niceness of his old outfit, but had its moments.

15. Mumford and Sons – The Cave (from Sigh No More)
I might have cheated with this one too. But it was all over everything on TV this year and you’ll be hard-pressed to find something more uplifting. Good for the soul, I feel.

16. Matt Pond PA – Ruins (from The Dark Leaves)
Another disappointing album, this time from the usually reliable Matt. But this has a momentum about it that I found infectious.

17. Kings Of Leon – Radioactive (from Come Around Sundown)
I only really ‘got’ KoL this year, after Manhattan was used in a drama and crept into my subconscious. ‘Radioactive’ is them at their wailing, rocking out best.

18. Interpol – The Undoing (from Interpol)
A late addition, this is the epic conclusion to a fine album. Some said ‘Interpol’ was a return to form – but I never really thought their form had deserted them!

19. The Unwinding Hours – Annie Jane (from The Unwinding Hours)
Aereogramme’s Craig B and Iain Cook turn their hands to a solo project, and very fine it is too. The crescendo to this is like slipping under the water in a warm bath. Just magnificent.


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