Posted by: Paul | December 31, 2010

The End…?

So, this is it. New Year’s Eve. Exactly 365 days and exactly 365 posts since I began this blogging ‘experiment’. It’s been very tough at times – at the beginning of the year I had no idea whether I’d be able to keep at it at all – but once it became a habit it was easier to keep going than stop. But the closer I’ve been to the end, the harder it’s become – proximity to post 365 somehow piled on more pressure.

It’s been very enjoyable at times though. There have been a handful of occasions where I’ve logged out of WordPress feeling genuinely pleased and proud of what I’d just written. In amongst the general nonsense there are a few well researched, well referenced articles that I hope those who have read have enjoyed. And I know I’ve written a lot about football – and an awful lot about TV shows – but if you’ve been reading regularly I hope you found the odd post to your liking. Among my favourites have been the ‘Conversations With A Two-Year-Old’ – as much fun to recall and write as to witness the original event.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed most is following the statistics as I’ve written things, and watched the views of the blog grow as I learned how to tag things so people could actually find them, and write about things which were popular so more people would read a particular article. By a country mile the most popular post I’ve written is the one on ‘The Trip’ – thanks due to a link on the BBC website to my blog and other articles about the show. That one alone has had 449 views to date, and still receives the odd one now and again. So a few other statistics:

365 posts (naturally).
More than 5,500 views to date.
Absolute daily average of 15 views.
Absolute weekly average of 105 views.
Busiest day – 106 views (Nov 30th).
Busiest week – 393 views (w/c Nov 29th)
Busiest month – 871 views (December)
And, at a rough average of 350 words per day – 127,750 words!

It’s surprising and gratifying that so many people have read what I’ve written – not only friends and family either but a healthy amount of random visitors, often with kind comments. The Internet can sometimes be a surprisingly friendly place!

As to the future, I will continue to write – just not every day, I think. Weekends, Adam-Daddy Days and holiday preparation were especially tough! Expect posts to be less frequent, hopefully of higher quality, with more photos and links. Less froth, more meat.

If you’ve been reading, thank you – it means a lot. It’s been an unusual year, not like any I’ve had before – but I’m looking forward to 2011 with optimism and purpose. I chose this new life, and it’s up to me to make it work. The next milestone is the end of the tax year, when I assess the financial results of my first year of freelancing. Wish me luck!



  1. Well Done My Love. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog everyday – will miss your daily insights … except for the football ones! Love you. Ali x

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