Posted by: Paul | December 28, 2010


The 72 hour Christmarathon is over for another year. Adam is busy whining about why there are no more presents for him to open today, after spending three days in a row receiving them. I guess he thought it would never end! He did get some lovely things for which we’re very grateful – he’s a lucky boy. But the favourite so far seems to be his main present from us – the truck from Cars (called Mack) which contains small versions of the characters in one side, with spaces in the other side to add more (which is half full already with the individual ones he received!)

I like these days between Christmas and New Year. A chance to catch up on things, tidy stuff up and generally potter around the house. There’s still good things to watch on TV, and even if there’s nothing that takes your fancy there’s bound to be recorded stuff you need to catch up on. And a full programme of Premiership football into the bargain!

You inevitably consume so much over the course of Christmas that I’ve arrived at the point now where I’m not hungry for anything really – especially not chocolate! It’s difficult to imagine sometimes that you could have ‘enough’ of chocolate but that’s the stage I’m at now, our stash will last until Easter I think! What I could do with later is a large glass of wine – having done almost all the driving throughout Christmas I largely had to abstain, but later I’ll redress the balance and crack open the lovely bottle of New Zealand Pinot Noir Ali bought me as part of my present. Cheers!


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