Posted by: Paul | December 27, 2010

Rockin’ Round Robin

There’s one Christmas tradition in particular which would be missed if it were to fall by the wayside – the Round Robin letter, where an individual of much self-importance proceeds to tell all and sundry about What I Did During This Year. I am, of course, acutely aware of the irony in that statement 😉

A distant relation of my wife’s writes a particularly good example. In two A4pages of tight handwritten script she proceeds to espouse on all the various committees, councils, organisations and interest groups she is involved with, the trips she has taken, and to the minutest detail her domestic situation in the last twelve months. It is all very amusing – and the humour is entirely unintentional. If it’s not…well, she might just be an undiscovered genius parodist. But in all I think that’s quite unlikely.

The tradition is that at Alison’s family Christmas gathering, the letter is read in the sombre, imperious tones of her Uncle Clive. This following sentence was my favourite part of this year’s model, and is absolutely true.

‘This year, with a heavy heart I bought a new computer, and my friend Carol’s husband Geoff installed Office 7 on it. It’s quite different to my old Windows 95 version.”

If that was tongue in cheek then I take my hat off to her.


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