Posted by: Paul | December 26, 2010

Accidental Invention During Xmas Dinner #1

Preparation for Xmas dinner is usually the sole preserve of my Mum – despite repeated offers of help from all present, she’s one of those people who just feels that, where cooking is concerned, other people get in the way and slow her down. Fair enough, it’s her kitchen and she knows her way around it better than anyone, and she’s not short of grateful, satisfied washer uppers after the event. But yesterday I get a 9am phone call from my Dad:

‘Mum’s ill in bed with a cold. How soon can you be here?’

So for the first time…well, ever – Xmas dinner at the family home was a genuine team effort. Dad peeling, me chopping, Ali putting stuff into dishes and pans etc, and Simon clearing up. Mum slept, Adam played with his presents happily. Everything went swimmingly until I realised that the pan of batter I had made and Dad had put into the oven had tipped backwards and spilled half it’s contents into the tray cooking the roast potatoes underneath, and you can see the result in the above photo.

It was delicious.


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