Posted by: Paul | December 19, 2010

Party Politics

For the second time in a month, the snow scotched our plans to go down to some friends near Brighton for a pre-Christmas knees up. It was a close-run thing – we were all ready to go, no snow where we are though some was forecast for the evening so we expected to be driving back in it, when our friends rang up and said “Have you left yet? Then don’t.” They had it far worse down there than we did, clearly, and the advice not to travel had to be taken. In the end, the M23 was shut due to jacknifed lorries so we possibly avoided a horrible day, so maybe it was a blessing in disguise. Still, it was very disappointing not to be able to go with the party having already been rearranged and with our friends going to a lot of trouble for nothing – now twice in a row. Bah humbug!

So we had a free day, and decided to go along to a local third birthday party which Adam had been invited to, for one of the little girls from his room at nursery. We even thought at one stage that we might not make it evn up the road to that event as we left in a blizzard, but we made it and were met by a giant indoor bouncy castle – I think Adam had a great afternoon, perhaps much better than he might have done otherwise!

When they sat down to sandwiches and junk food, three-year-old politics ensued. Adam wanted to sit next to the birthday girl, Alexandra. Two of Adam’s little friends, Alfie and Jack, wanted to sit with Adam but not each other. And a little girl whose name I don’t know sat across the table from Adam, sticking her tongue out at him the whole time and giving him what I can only describe as ‘evils’. Adam gave as good as he got. Who knew the three-year-old world of relationships was so complicated!


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