Posted by: Paul | December 18, 2010

Milan, Mark II

Rather out of character for me, I missed the draw for the last 16 stage of the Champions League, as I was out and about. Forgot all about it, in fact. So when my brother texted me to say ‘Fancy another trip to the Lane?’ I thought it was just a general suggestion that we go to another match soonish, rather than being about something specific. But I checked the web as usual when I got home and saw the news that Spurs have been drawn against AC Milan, current Serie A leaders by 6 points.

With Spurs being in the rather unlikely position of being seeded, having won a group which contained Inter Milan, we have avoided some of the big European guns in the shape of Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and Barcelona (who must surely be favourites, even at this early stage). But there are still some very dangerous sides in the second group – and we’ve been drawn against probably the only one I would have liked to have avoided. Valencia would also have been a toughie considering the amount of goals they’ve scored in the competition to date – second only to Spurs (again, almost unbelievable!) – but I had hoped for somebody like Copenhagen, the first Danish side ever to make it past the group stage.

So it’s back to the San Siro in February for the second time in six months. Here’s hoping we play more like we did in the second half against Inter, when Bale scored his historic hat-trick. The savin grace for us is that as first seeds we get to play the second leg at home, and we have a good record against Italian sides at the Lane – not only did we overcome Inter there already this season, but in a pre-season friendly last year which I was at, we battered Roma 5-1 including an outstanding David Bentley free kick. And it’s not many sides who can say that HE scored against them in a Spurs shirt!


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