Posted by: Paul | December 14, 2010

Vulture Peak Video

First published this for an hour yesterday before having a more topical idea with the X-Factor response.

A piece of music I made for the LA County Museum of Art is currently in use on a video on their YouTube Channel. You can view the video here, and I’d recommend it as it’s an interesting explanation of the process of restoring a work of art. ‘Vulture Peak’ is a giant hanging scroll, quite badly damaged, and LACMA have brought conservation experts over from South Korea to work on the piece, in an environment where the process can be viewed by the public! This is an intriguing and very unusual step, as conservation projects are usually carried out behind closed doors in workshops. I recommend you check it out, and not just for my music! While you’re there, there are many other interesting clips available on LACMA’s own channel.

The music was made entirely in ProTools, using Xpand!2. I like Xpand a lot – there’s a wealth of sounds in there, the only thing it’s lacking is a little more in the way of world / ethnic instruments. It’s basic, but in being basic it’s also simple to use – which I don’t mind at all!

Also this week, in amongst wrapping Christmas presents, I’m doing a bit of research and testing into working with the iPod Touch as a tour device, and also some preparation for the Gravesham audio tour projects in the spring. One of the sites in question will be treated as if the rooms are empty, and it’s the project team’s job to make the place come to life. Tricky, but should result in something interesting for the visitor when it’s complete!


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