Posted by: Paul | December 12, 2010


Adam has a nasty cold. There’s a lot of it about, but it’s a shame as he’ll have to miss his swimming lesson, and also a visit to his Great Nana as we don’t want to risk passing it on to her.

He’s had a bad cough for a couple of days but overnight it escalated a bit – high temperature and so on, the roughest night he’s had for ages, poor thing. The cough is really chesty but you can’t give anything for that to kids under 12, alarmingly, so kids younger than that get what’s basically sugar syrup and nothing else!

His temperature has gone down this morning, but what he really needs to do is rest. But have you ever tried telling a two-year-old to sit down for a little bit? Impossible. He’s charging around just the same as usual (today pretending to be a fire engine and rescue Toby The Cat – Toby, for his part, is on fire and must be extinguished with the ‘mega-hose’, two poles from his Thomas the Tank Engine tent joined together). He doesn’t listen to me / obey my instructions at the best of times, but when told it’s something he MUST do, of course he does entirely the opposite, and I’ve had to resign myself to the fact that he’s going to keep going until he literally drops. If he had a bit of ‘quiet time’, as I call it, chances are he’ll be absolutely fine to go to nursery tomorrow (they don’t worry too much about runny noses) which is the important thing, since I have things to do tomorrow and the last thing I need is a sick child at the moment!

So I’ve had to relent, and resort to TV to keep him quiet and still. I try to keep a rein on TV when we’re at home together – we’ll watch until 9am during the weeks, after which we normally have somewhere to go, and after lunch he will watch part of one of the Pixar movies during ‘quiet time’, the hope being that he has a nap (fat chance). Other than that, the TV stays off unless in exceptional circumstances. Like today. At the moment he is quiet and still watching Cbeebies, hence I have five minutes to put this down. Oh well – I guess it’s better for him to have a cold now and get over it than get one in two weeks time! I just hope he doesn’t pass it on to us!


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