Posted by: Paul | December 7, 2010

Conversations with a Two-Year-Old: What am I, chopped liver?

Mummy has been going into work slightly earlier for the past week or so, and in our morning routine there’s now a few minutes when Adam is downstairs on his own (watching Milkshake, naturally), while I scramble around getting dressed. This morning, I’m almost done and am brushing my teeth when Adam comes to the door of the lounge and shouts up the stairs:

‘Paul? Paul? What are you doing?’

We’re used to him copying both of us incessantly but this conscious use of my first name stops me in my tracks. I feel I need to nip this one in the bud! I rush downstairs.

‘Adam, what did you just call me?’

‘I not doing anything. I an Octonaut!’

Octonauts are the new Cbeebies obsession. A cartoon about an underwater search and rescue unit helping sea creatures in distress. Last week he was Peso the Penguin doctor, this week he’s Kwazii, the pirate Cat.

‘Adam, what do you call me, what am I to you?’

‘I’m Kwazii!’

‘Yes, yes, alright, you’re Kwazii. But what am I? What name are you supposed to call me?’

‘You are Captain Barnacles!’

I give up.


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