Posted by: Paul | December 6, 2010

Untitled General News Post #340

For the first time in quite a while I feel a bit pushed for time today! Preparing for a project meeting tomorrow and trying also to catch the last day for international post to guarantee cards arrive before Xmas.

It’s a busy week. A few more changes for Dr Johnson today, the kickoff meeting for this new spring project tomorrow, some more production music to carry on tinkering around with on Wednesday, up to London for Xmas lights and a party on Thursday, it’ll be Christmas before I know it. December always seems to drag though, in the run up to the big event. I also need to catch up with more than a few folks by email before then!

I’ll say a bit more about this new project after the meeting tomorrow I think. We’re meeting the client in the morning and then walking the sites in the afternoon, so it’ll be very cold! There are also rumblings from another client about another project for January which is yet to be confirmed, so hopefully I’ll be busy early on in the new year.

Short one today. Nothing more to report. At ease. Dismissed.


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