Posted by: Paul | December 5, 2010

Another opportunity missed, Spurs!

Dammit. Drawing 1-1 away at Birmingham City would normally have been seen as a favourable result, but this year it’s not good enough. We were ahead and dominant at the break, and a little lapse in concentration lets the opposition in once more. We’re in the grip of a hellish injury crisis, with an entire first team worth of players on the recovery couch right now, but had been more than holding our heads above water with the important wins against Arsenal and Liverpool recently, and for once we were looking vaguely towards the summit of the table. That sort of talk is all a bit premature for me, but it’s nice to have a squad and a manager for once who believe in themselves and each other enough to dream that the biggest prizes are possible. Frankly, I think there’s more chance of us winning the Champions League than the Premier league. To achieve that, we’d simply have to win seven games after Christmas…actually, we wouldn’t even need to win three of them, with the two-legged games ahead in the knockout stages, just not go so far behind that we have to work too hard in the home games. All academic of course – whatever the draw, we’d be talking about the best 16 teams in Europe this year, and it’s very nice (and not undeserved) that Spurs count themselves among their number.

We’re slightly fortunate in the position we find ourselves in the league however, considering how many points we’ve dropped which we should have picked up – yesterday included. If we’d beaten Birmingham, Wigan, Wolves and Bolton as we should have done, we’d be the ones sitting pretty at the top of the table right now instead of Arsenal!

Anyway, with a few key players coming back in the run-up to Christmas – Van Der Vaart, Kaboul, Dawson, Jenas – I think we’re well placed to put a run together over the crucial festive season. Chelsea are up next at The Lane, and that game will be the measure of how far we’ve come – and how far is left to go…


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