Posted by: Paul | December 1, 2010

Winter Wonderland

It’s pretty unlikely the snow will last until Christmas, but today, the first of December, it’s all looking nicely festive. We had a good 5 inches or so in the last 24 hours so yesterday and today’s photos look like before-and-after pictures.

Though it’s causing disruption in many places it didn’t stop me getting to London yesterday for a good meeting about a large project I have booked in for the spring. It’s a good job Ali had yesterday afternoon off though as the nursery did indeed close at 4, and I wouldn’t have been home in time to pick the little one up.

There’s nothing I’d like more today than to play in the snow with Adam, but alas, I have work to do. The Dr Johnson project from September-October has sprung back to life, for what I hope will be the last round of directional changes and other minor edits before I can close this one out. But I had good news yesterday in that there is another potential (fairly) large project which will need producing in January, which is nice. It’s not a done deal yet but I should get confirmation in the next couple of days. Different client to yesterday’s meeting too, and it’s nice to have a little bit of income from different sources rather than having to lean on one too heavily!

Toby the Cat has a kind of love-hate relationship with the snow. He goes outside and charges around in it like a mad thing, then runs back indoors to get warm, before meowing at me to be let out again five minutes later. Repeat ALL DAY.

I was going to write something about the World Cup bid and the media farce that has surrounded it, but I think I’ll leave it until we know the result of Thursday’s vote, as doubtless there will be more to say after that (i.e. We won it! / The media blew it! / Fifa are totally corrupt! Allegedly!) In any case I haven’t quite finished watching the edition of Panorama in question yet…


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