Posted by: Paul | November 29, 2010

Preparing for Winter

Brrr! Is it cold where you are? The snow hasn’t started here yet, apart from a few minor flurries, but we may be in for some by the end of the week when the wind becomes easterly. East Anglia tends to get heavy snow when the wind blows across the continent from the direction of Russia and that’s what will apparently happen by about Thursday. I do like the snow – but next week I need to drive to get to a meeting so I hope it doesn’t interfere!

Anyway, general update today. I’m reading through some documentation for the aforementioned meeting, in preparation for seeing my client tomorrow, and then their client next week. This is a fairly sizeable project, multiple tours and multiple hours of content, but doesn’t really kick into gear until the spring so despite there being preparatory work to do before that, the bulk of it will be around Easter so I need to fill the intervening time with other things! It’s fairly unlikely anything else will occur before Christmas which is a little disappointing, but the first half-year or so of self employment has been perhaps a little better than what I expected in terms of work. I’m excited about this current project as it’s the first one I’ve actively gone out and sought – much of my work this year has come looking for me, which is great and exactly as I like it, but this is one that I’ve put myself out there for and has come good. So fingers crossed! I’ll be putting everything I’ve got into it.

Other than that I have some admin type things to catch upon, invoices to chase and so forth. The Christmas shopping is also almost done – it’s nice to not feel rushed about it (not that I have much to do anyway). At this point I’d like to sing the praises of bobbooks – I’ve had a beautiful photobook made for Ali with collected photos of Adam from the past 18 months or so (I had an earlier one made for his first Christmas). Their products are absolutely beautiful – I know a lot of places make them now, but bobbooks are the absolute epitome in my opinion. They’re on the expensive side but send out regular coupons if you sign up to their mailing list. It will wow everyone at Christmas, I expect there to be tears.

Blog news – because of the piece I wrote last week about The Trip, last week was the biggest ever week on the blog, and November has been the biggest month, thanks to a link to the post that the BBC put on The Trip’s ‘programme information’ page. It now looks like 5000 views are achievable by the end of the year, and I’m staggered by this. If you have been, thanks for reading!


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