Posted by: Paul | November 15, 2010


In this world of celebrity worship and consumerism which I tend to rail against, here are three words I never thought I would utter:

I’ve joined Twitter.

There are a number of reasons for this.

1. I was talked into it by a friend, after a couple of drinks. What he said seemed like sage advice at the time. I can now no longer remember precisely what that sage advice was. It was something to do with getting my name out there, spreading the word, using all the tools at my disposal – and for free.

2. Reserving my trading name in as many places as possible seems like the sensible thing to do. Even if I never post a ‘tweet’ – which I haven’t yet, by the way – at least no-one else can pretend to be me. Goodness knows why they’d want to, but hey – the world can be a strange place at times.

3. I feel a bit like I want to keep up, technology-wise. It’s not something I’m very familiar with yet, so watch this space – after a few weeks/months of use I’ll likely post some thoughts on it. Perhaps I’ll ‘tweet’ them too (I can’t see abandoning use of the quotation marks around the word ‘tweet’ any time soon either).

4. In the long term, it seems like a good way of keeping people up to date with what I’m doing, project and business-wise. I don’t think I’ll ever post personal messages about things like the X Factor (largely because I don’t watch it), so for me this is a business tool. You never know what might come of it (see point 1).

5. It’s a damn sight less work than blogging. At the end of this year I plan to cease daily posting here, reserving it instead for more insightful, well researched, thought-provoking articles at a less regular frequency. You know, keeping the quality level the same as you’ve become used to (ahem). So it’s likely that, if you’re a Twitter user, you’ll see more regular postings from me there, rather than here.

Should you choose to do so, you can ‘follow’ me. Go to and search for paulfordsound. Like I say, I haven’t posted anything yet – but some support (and also knowing who else uses it) is likely to encourage me to do so!


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