Posted by: Paul | November 13, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Not much to report on Day 317 of the blogging year. It’s one of those days where I really fancy taking a day off, but being so close to the end, I can’t break the chain now!

So I’ll keep this brief. Early rise again for the little man – pre 6am for about the third or fourth time this week. One morning I found him completely starkers in his room – bear in ming the heating is not on at this time of day – and saying he wasn’t cold! He doesn’t seem to feel it, but I do worry about him catching cold since he doesn’t have the good sense yet to either put on his dressing gown or wrap himself in his duvet if he gets a bit chilly.

Then a quick visit to the sister-in-law, who we haven’t seen for quite a while, for Adam to visit the three dogs and a parrot (yes, really). He enjoyed playing with the dogs in particular – no real fear of these enormous greyhounds, far bigger than he is, he was quite happy to stroke them gently and giggle as they tickled his face with their enthusiastic sniffing.

This afternoon we’re watching Wall-E, a big family favourite, and then probably decamping to the train park a bit later if it doesn’t start raining. Our weekends have been pretty busy of late, and get full again in the run up to Christmas so this and the next couple of weekends are a nice little oasis of family time before the tinsel-wreathed storm which approaches. I think we will need to seriously consider extending the house with the amount of toys coming Adam’s way this year…!


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