Posted by: Paul | November 12, 2010

Conversations with a Two-Year-Old: Questions, questions

The inquisitive two-year-old mind is really starting to kick in now. Adam’s former favourite (only) question to ask was ‘What are you doing, Mummy/Daddy/Grandad/Grandma?’ But now his range has increased considerably, to include ‘Where does it come from?’, ‘Where does it live?’, and ‘Who bought it for you?’

The first of these is the most common, and chiefly asked about items of food, especially when placed in front of him at lunchtime, i.e. ‘Where does my sandwich come from?’ It’s very tempting to just resort to saying ‘the supermarket’, but I’m trying to resist and offer the more truthful, if complex, answers to the origins of things. There’s no way of telling how much of this is going in, but I thought I’d test it out.

There’s a new series airing on CBeebies of one of his favourite shows, ‘I Can Cook’. Adam loves cookery programmes (and food in general), and really enjoyed Jamie Oliver’s ’30 Minute Meals’ (incidentally there’s a great Guardian blog which put Jamie’s meals to the test, and is very funny). During ‘I Can Cook’ there’s always a little video insert about the origins of one of the ingredients they’re using – the other day it was about milk.

‘Look Adam! Can you see the cows?’

‘What are they doing?’

‘They’re milking them, because cows make milk.’

‘Where does it come from?’

‘Well, they eat the grass, and then that helps them to produce milk from their udders.’

The segment finished and went back to the I Can Cook kitchen.

‘So now you know where Milk comes from. Where does milk come from, Adam?’



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