Posted by: Paul | November 10, 2010

Boos Ban

Disappointing home draw against Sunderland last night – but what was perhaps more disappointing was the behaviour of some fans. I’ve been to WHL quite a few times over the last four seasons and, while there’s been a lot of it about for other teams (including England) the crowds I’ve been in have never once booed our team off the pitch.

I know some people are frustrated. I am too – our league form has taken a major dive in recent weeks, with just two points from the last available twelve – but I firmly believe the best way to get your team playing and winning is to get behind them. The noise from the crowd during the win over Inter Milan, even before kick off, was immense, and the supporters really did act as the proverbial ‘twelfth man’. There’s absolutely no reason the atmosphere shouldn’t be like that every week, and if it was perhaps we’d be winning more games!

Anyway, last night was the latest in a series of frustrating games where we again failed to break the opposition defence down. Once more a combination of defensive mistakes and refereeing decisions undid us and we failed to capitalise on a lead against a team we should really be beating. If we want to finish fourth this season we really must do better.

But there are positives. Van der Vaart scored again, proving himself the signing of the summer game by game. David Bentley put in a decent shift, forcing a couple of good saves, and I really didn’t think we could have asked for any more from the work ethic of the team – they ran themselves ragged and with Sunderland having parked the bus there was just no way through.

So, onto the next – at home again, against Blackburn. We really must win that one. But even if we don’t, you still won’t find me booing.


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