Posted by: Paul | November 8, 2010

Sneaky Beakies

You have to keep on top of all your financial affairs these days, or you’ll get fleeced – perhaps without even knowing it.

My breakdown cover renewal arrived today, and I was horrified to see it had jumped by over 30%. It made me wonder how many people out there are caught out by this sort of practice – there must be a fairly hefty amount of people out there who maybe even don’t read this sort of thing. That’s horrifying to me – I almost can’t believe it’s possible that people just ignore their bills and allow their money to be taken – but it does happen. If you take your eye off the ball, you end up spending far more money than you should.

Anyway, I’m no Martin Lewis, but I struck a satisfactory deal in the end – got quotes from some of the other big names, and then rang my provider who matched the lowest quote without quibbling (the one trade off was I had to switch to paying upfront rather than quarterly, but that’s no big deal). If it’s that easy, why aren’t more people doing it? Laziness?

There’s one thing I know I’m paying over the odds for though and am reluctant to change, and that’s broadband. I know I could definitely get it cheaper – and probably reduce my landline costs into the bargain – but the stability and speed of my broadband connection is of such paramount importance to me and the smooth running of my business activities that I just can’t bring myself to rock the boat, lest it cause problems. And also, getting the cheapest deal would, in all likelihood, involve giving money to Murdoch. Not something I’m very keen on doing.

Anyway, ‘in these straitened times’ it’s important to keep a tight rein on household spending, so perhaps I should just get over my principles and go with it. I just can’t shake the feeling that sometimes in life, you get what you pay for.



  1. This is a hot topic for me at the moment, I spent the majority of yesterday trying to recover money (£487 of it) literally stolen from me by Admiral!

    Whilst away on holiday they’d automatically renewed my car insurance the day I got back, with only a weeks prior noticed, of which I didn’t see as I was away.. What’s worse is they did it by card payment processing, as no direct debit was setup. This means they must have stored my 3 digit security code, which I believe is illegal for companies to do now and my bank, even though I only had £390 available in my account, allowed the payment to go through!

    Very frustrating and still not sorted.. I will prevail!

    • That’s shocking. It’s astonishing what companies think they can get away with, and if you lead a full and busy life it’s easy to miss something! Very naughty of them, hope you get it sorted out soon Lee.

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