Posted by: Paul | November 7, 2010

Watch The Fireworks

This is a year full of firsts for Adam! First cinema visit last weekend, and last night his first Bonfire Night. Can’t remember the last time I did something for the first time myself! Actually no, I can – it was the Hot Salt Beef sandwich on Thursday night. It’s haunting me, but in a good way.

We went to a local display in the village where Ali’s parents live. It was a little annoying as we chose it because of the early start time, thus allowing us to get back to Nana’s at a reasonable time for sausages, jacket potatoes and other assorted hearty autumn fare. But though the ‘gates’ opened at 5pm, it didn’t say on the ticket we’d be left hanging around in the cold (with hundreds of other people, I might add) for an hour and a half before the actual display started. Not acceptable when you have a two year old on your shoulders, periodically bonking you on the head with a torch.

Anyway, the bonfire itself was massive (no burning a human effigy though) and was enough to captivate Adam’s attention so he didn’t get too bored. The display was OK – I’ve certainly seen better – but it had the desired effect, the little one enjoyed it and wasn’t frightened by the bangs. By the time we got back and ate it was nearly 7 o’clock – certainly later than he’s eaten before – so in order to let his dinner go down he was allowed the special treat of staying up past his bedtime. It was eventually about 8.15 by the time we finally put him down and he was asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow. Bless him.

So since he’s staying over at Nana’s (also for the first time) and no doubt rising at his usual 5.50 am to make sure they get up with the birds, we’re enjoying a rare peaceful morning. I’m craving croissants though – didn’t think far enough ahead, obviously!


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