Posted by: Paul | November 5, 2010

Hot Salt Beef!

Spent the evening in London yesterday, catching up with friends and former colleagues alike, some of whom I haven’t seen for the best part of five months or so. It was a little strange walking the old route towards the office, but one thing’s for sure – I don’t miss the commute. There was some kind of problem on the way up which led to having to change trains at Shenfield, and when I got to Liverpool Street it was thronged with people waiting for delayed trains. I cut through the crowd and crossed my fingers that it would all be sorted out by the time I came home.

We went to the Electricity Showrooms on Hoxton Square, which is the worst name for a bar I’ve ever heard but it has an interesting history. It was literally what it says on the tin – when electricity, and thus electrically powered devices became more widespread, the place was a shop selling early vacuum cleaners and the like. It has a rather dark look from the outside (you can barely see in) with the original revolving door which I’m sure has done for many an unwary drunkard on their way home. Inside it’s nicely decorated, with attractive themed stained glass and a long curved bar. A little on the pricey side but hey, that’s London.

A good time seemed to be had by all, and it was nice to catch up with those who turned out. One friend talked of crossing the picket line today, which didn’t really register with me at the time but when I woke up this morning without my usual John Humphrys fix, it clicked – the NUJ strike (she works for 5 Live). It’s distinctly odd today being basically without the BBC news – repeats of documentaries abound on Radio 4 – and it will continue into tomorrow, with a further strike planned in 2 weeks time. It’s hard to envision success for the journalists’ union in their battle with the Beeb over pensions, as a deal has already been struck with the other unions, so I can’t imagine they will want to settle separately (and thus on different terms) with the NUJ. Anyway, BBC Breakfast was quite entertaining, with the corporation having wheeled out people I’ve never even seen before to front the show. Not sure what this might do for their careers if they are yer actual strikebreakers, but maybe they belong to another union. It was interesting to see the chap in particular grabbing his big break with both hands!

On the way home I availed myself of this little beauty, a hot salt beef sandwich. Served through a tiny hatch in the wall opposite the bar, and stuffed with pickled gherkin and the strongest mustard I’ve ever tasted, this was undoubtedly horribly bad for my insides but the beef just melted in the mouth and the entire thing almost blew my head off. I definitely had one of those ‘why on EARTH…’ moments this morning though!


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