Posted by: Paul | November 1, 2010


With yet another controversial incident marring a game between Tottenham and Man Utd – and being declared once more in Utd’s favour – I’m beginning to think there’s a conspiracy at work here.

In reality I didn’t expect us to get anything out of this game, a point would have been ideal, but it looked like it was going to end 1-0 to United, fair and square. Once more Spurs suffered from the lack of cutting edge which had helped them score so many in the early part of last season, whereas at the moment we can’t buy a win. It was an open, even game until one moment of confusion and opportunism snuffed out any hope we might have had of a late equaliser.

Younes Kaboul tackled Nani in the penalty area and no penalty was given. Nani, feeling aggrieved, handled the ball. Gomes, thinking a free kick had been awarded, placed the ball down to take it, only for Nani to petulantly punt it away from him, into the net. So far, so schoolboy. But unbelievably, and despite the linesman flagging against it, referee Mark Clattenburg awards it as a goal!

This calamitous refereeing error coupled with the lack of sportsmanship from United is just the latest salvo in what is becoming as bitter a grudge match as Spurs vs Arsenal. We never, ever have decisions awarded in our favour against Man Utd – something a lot of teams complain about but it has affected none as severely as Tottenham. In last season’s corresponding fixture United were wrongly awarded a penalty – an incorrect decision and something referee Howard Webb says haunts him to this day – and let’s not forget Pedro Mendes winner against United in 2005 which crossed the line by a full couple of feet, but was ruled out. What do we have to do to win this fixture?

I wouldn’t be so foolish as to accuse the referees of collusion with any particular team, but they’ve got to start getting these sort of things right. This is probably all a lot of fun for the neutrals – especially Arsenal supporters – but I’m very, very bored with being robbed over and over again. Come on Spurs – next time you need to put five past them, put it beyond all doubt!


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