Posted by: Paul | October 31, 2010

A Smashing Pumpkin

For the record, I don’t like Halloween. It’s all very well in the US where the tradition is so ingrained that everyone basically signs up to the same idea of having some harmless fun, but here in my experience it’s quite different, and more often used as an excuse by unruly youths to cause havoc. Trick-or-Treaters should be sticking to only knocking on doors with pumpkins or other paraphernalia displayed outside, and here it’s very seldom the case. It’s also just another license to print money for profiteering retailers, and what with major TV shows like both Strictly and the X Factor hosting themed nights last night it’s getting progressively harder for parents to ignore.

Anyway, that’s my Victor Meldrew bit out of the way! The one thing I do like about this time of year is the opportunity to carve the pumpkins my parents sometimes grow, and with a toddler to entertain, that’s exactly what we did on Friday. I asked Adam what sort of face we should draw on it, and true to form he asked for Mater from Cars. How’s that for giving in to commercialism, eh?

Let's Carve!

An approximation of Mater.

'What's in there?'

Amazingly, taken by Adam. This is Daddy's 'serious face'.

Nearly there...


It also made some delicious soup when we were done with it.


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