Posted by: Paul | October 30, 2010

Movies for Juniors

Yesterday Ali had the bright idea of taking Adam to our local Cineworld for the Saturday morning ‘Movies for Juniors’ showings. They’re only £1, including the grown ups (!), so are restricted to movies not on current release but there is usually a choice of at least 2 or 3 films. Today, amogst other things, they were showing ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs’ which we hadn’t yet seen so thought we’d make it Adam’s first cinema experience!

After first saying he didn’t want to go (the exchange went like this: ‘Adam, do you want to go to the cinema today?’ ‘No!’ ‘Adam, do you know what the cinema is?’ ‘No!’), we drove over there and as we walked up the steps he became incredibly excited, running around and cackling with glee. We found our seats and despite the usual arroganti with his coat ‘reserving’ the seat in front of him – an open invitation for me to sit there – it was probably the best all round cinema experience we’ve had in ages. A genial, relaxed atmosphere, very cheap, and a great movie, full of fun ideas and great gags. And Mr T!

Adam was very well behaved, only fidgeting after an hour of sitting (when he needed a wee anyway), and laughing and enjoying the film. Daddy was clearly enjoying himself too much though, as when I laughed out loud at one particularly funny sequence (probably involving Steve the Monkey), Adam glared at me, poked my arm with his finger and said ‘Switch it off!’ In fact, the majority of the time he simply stared at the screen in wide-eyed wonder as in the image above…just what cinema should be for!

Definitely an experience which will bear repeating. We’ll keep an eye on what’s on the schedule and try to make it once a month, I think.


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