Posted by: Paul | October 25, 2010


Just a general update today. And also, since I’ve started to find it really hard to write this blog on a daily basis, I’m definitely going to stop posting every day once this year is out. I’ll probably carry it on, just less frequently, and as such hopefully the posts will be of a higher quality. I can’t believe that there are barely two months of this year left! Christmas is two months today, for goodness sake!

Anyway, this week I’m between gigs until the next chunk of work for LACMA comes in, and so I’m using it to do some chasing and some keeping in touch with people I’ve spoken to in the last couple of months. I need to try to set up a meeting with one potential client who has proven elusive, and there is also some DIY to be done – I urgently need to revarnish the front door while the weather still permits me to do so. I’m also looking at new Business Link courses – the latest brochure dropped through my door last week, and it’s important to take advantage of any free resources before the Government takes them all away!

I’m also anticipating delivery of a new microphone this week – a Beyerdynamic MCE58, specially made for interviews and reporting work. Can’t wait to have a play with that. Adam loves microphones – when I’m working in here he often comes and sits on my lap, and I have my current mic on a table stand by the monitor. He reaches over and grabs it, and it always amazes me how, even when you’re two years old, everyone does the same thing with a microphone the first time they use one – he shouts ‘HELLO!’ into it, far too loud! I’ve recorded a bit of babble which I will save for posterity!


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