Posted by: Paul | October 22, 2010

Conversations with a Two-Year-Old: Treat time

Just a normal Thursday yesterday – a trip to the library planned, followed by the little park and then home via the shop. While sitting on the stairs putting his shoes on, I was going through the itinerary with Adam.

“We’re going to the library now Adam, to take your books back and get some new ones, and then afterwards we’re going to the park. Would you like that?”


“And then after that, we’ll come back via the shop. Would you like to go to the shop?”

“Yeah.” (You can tell who does most of the talking in this relationship.)

“If you’re a good boy at the library, and don’t shout or throw the bean bags around, I might get you a little treat from the shop. But only if you’re really good. Would you like that?”

He grins. “Yeah…”

“Do you think we might find something nice at the shop? Yeah? What do the shop sell that you really like?”

He draws his shoulders up around his head and leans over to the side like he’s acting shy, like he has a little secret.

“What would you like from the shop? Come on, you can whisper it to me if you like.”

He grins his widest grin, and says:


He’s a deeply odd child sometimes.


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