Posted by: Paul | October 20, 2010

Productivity Boosted

I’m sat at my shiny new desk today, having had one of the most productive mornings so far. There’s something about sitting at a proper desk, in a decent chair, that focuses my mind and allows me to get on with things. Invoicing? Done. Transfer of work documents to new iMac? Done. Outstanding phone chasing? Done. I’ve even found time to round up every single expense I’ve had so far, from the Mac itself to every last train ticket, into a big spreadsheet ready for the eventual tax return.

I guess there are too many distractions at the dining table. I’m certainly far less tempted to get up and make a cup of tea every half an hour while I’m sitting in the spare room than I was when I was downstairs.

It’s a bit like mission control in here at the moment. Dual monitors, boxes with blinking lights, cables, chair that looks like Captain Kirk might have once sat in it (that reminds me, I must give it a hoover this afternoon). What’s remaining to do is get a decent slimline shelving unit so I can start putting away some of the things which litter the floor – now that’s not so NASA.

Anyway the Spending Review has just been announced, and as expected the cuts are pretty deep. But what continues to surprise me is the government’s pathological aversion to means testing. If this is really about ‘fairness’, as they claim, then why not make it fair?

One other surprise – a very unwelcome one – is that previously capped rail season tickets will be allowed to rise at 3% above inflation from 2012, whereas before it was 1.5%. As if we didn’t pay enough for train fares already – my last season ticket when I was working in London had just tipped over £4000. And its not like the passengers see any benefit for the extra cost – the trains are still just as late, disrupted, dirty and uncomfortable as they ever were. And the greedy private operators feel justified in charging us more for this nonsense?

Anyway, don’t get me started. I’m in no rush to become a commuter again, that’s for sure.



  1. What about your poor wife who has to commute every week day? 🙂

    • Like I say, the commuters don’t see the benefit…I feel for you, my love. Well, for us really.

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