Posted by: Paul | October 13, 2010

Swimming on up

This weekend sees a somewhat poignant ‘growing up’ moment for Adam.

For the best part of two years, we’ve been taking him for swimming lessons every week, and he loves it. Up to this point, he’s been in a parent and child class – I go into the pool with him myself, with one instructor and the other parents and kids, ranging from just one other pair to four or five. When it’s busy it can get a bit crowded!

But all that is about to change, and he will shortly take his next steps (or strokes in this case) into an independent world, as he is moving up to a ‘Starfish’ class (the different levels are all named after aquatic creatures). Starfish classes have two instructors, and up to five or six kids – without parents! This is a little scary for me. At the weekend I will be plonking him into the pool on his own, waving him off and going to sit with Mummy in the viewing gallery…possibly with a sentimental tear?

I’m sure he’ll be fine, though – over the past few weeks we’ve been weaning him off my presence in the pool. I’ve been getting out a few minutes early – first to sit on the side, then to watch from behind the door, then to disappear entirely, and gradually doing it earlier to give him more time on his own in the water. He was a bit perturbed in the first week, but soon got used to it and I’m fairly confident he’ll take to the lessons well. I’ve been asking him about it – ‘You know Daddy’s not coming in the pool with you any more don’t you?’ He says yes, and that it’s alright, but who can tell with a two-year-old!

In reality I think it’ll be more of a wrench for me than for him, he just gets on with it. I’m really going to miss our time in the pool, and will have to make up for it by taking him on our ‘Adam-Daddy days’ more frequently.


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