Posted by: Paul | October 12, 2010

iMac – I take it iBack

Day two of trying to figure out what’s going on with my network, and while I haven’t got to the bottom of what the exact problem is, I have at least found a solution.

After a long time on the phone to both Apple and the John Lewis technical support people (who were both very supportive and helpful actually, even if they couldn’t fix it), I reinstalled MacOS at the behest of the Apple chap. When that didn’t fix the problem, as I predicted it wouldn’t, I arranged for the machine to be returned. As they were out of stock they couldn’t offer me a replacement, so they arranged to refund me.

Still something bothered me. Still I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was something I was doing wrong, that I was being an absolute doofus somewhere along the line and missing something fundamental. I’m fairly good with IT equipment, but I’m no professional network technician, so perhaps I’m being too hard on myself in expecting to be able to fix anything which might go wrong. Despite the fact that no-one I phoned had suggested it might be a problem with the router, a friend I asked thought the issue might lie in there somewhere – even though the router worked perfectly well with my other devices, as I said yesterday.

I decided to bite the £45 bullet and shell out for a new one, as a test. I thought if it didn’t work, I’d just take it back. Lo and behold, one trip to PC World and a five minute setup process later, and the mac is online, wirelessly.

I thought, ‘this is too good to be true. That was too simple.’ And so it proved – so although the mac is now online and performing well, my PC connection to the new router (a Netgear) is iffy, and the PS3 has slowed to a crawl. So I have a rather Heath-Robinson solution I’m going to try out, to see if I can get everything working perfectly – I’m going to use an RJ11 splitter to run both routers, with the Mac on the Netgear and everything else through the Belkin which worked flawlessly until last week. I doubt I’ll be able to have them both up and running at the same time, but I also doubt I’ll ever need to be on the PS3 and the Mac at the same time, being at opposite ends of the house as they are.

So hopefully that’s the end of this chapter, and I can get on with clearing some space for a desk in the spare room. You never know, I might actually be able to plug in the new Avid Mbox before the end of the month and give it a test run.


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