Posted by: Paul | October 5, 2010

The Travails of Toby the Cat

One large insurance claim later, and Toby the Cat is “all better”, as Adam puts it.

I’m beginning to think he’s psychic – always 2 or 3 days before we go on holiday, he gets himself into some kind of mischief in an attempt to stop us from going. This is the most serious incident yet, and it really did almost prevent departure.

He’s been bitten by another cat three times now. We’re not sure if it’s the same cat, because of course we never see it happen and he just limps home, normally in the middle of the night and howls at the lounge door to get us up. In any case he carries war wounds on his ears, his haunch and now under his right foreleg.

The vet scared the bejesus out of me at the time – he rang me after he’d had a proper look at the wound to say he thought Toby had been shot with an air rifle, such was the severity of the puncture. I thought this was probably unlikely going on past events and the sort of area we live in (not known for cat shootings), but nevertheless it was worrying.

He patched him up and we collected him, still groggy from the anaesthetic, bandaged in a comical way which made him walk with a hopping step. Mid evening the sleepiness wore off and the confusion set in – why couldn’t he move properly? Why was he shut in like this? What on earth had happened to him? He began to go bananas, leaping about and simultaneously trying to remove the bandage, scratch the stitches and escape his prison.

He clearly couldn’t be left on his own with just once-daily supervision, as is the usual arrangement, so Toby the Cat went on a little holiday of his own, to his grandparents, who were glad to have him but unaware what lay in store. A week of cat craziness ensued, with Toby sleeping all day and trying to get out all night, by any means necessary. We’re very grateful to them for their forebearance!

On our return I took him to the vet to have the stitches removed (you can just see them in the photo). I think they went a bit far with the shaving – Toby’s fur will likely take at least six months to grow back, but better that than getting some kind of infection. He’s back to his usual routine now, of spending 90% of his time asleep on the chair in the conservatory. He really needs to learn that not all cats want to be his friend!


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