Posted by: Paul | September 28, 2010

The shock of the old

I had a couple of surprises yesterday. And this current vein of blogging material isn’t getting me any closer to talking about the merits of North Wales or an update on the Travails of Toby the Cat (he’s fine, by the way).

Two amusing things happened last night. Firstly, I attended a function at Colchester Castle held by the Friends of Colchester Museums, in a professional capacity. While walking around with the Treasurer, I spotted my old Primary School headmaster out of the corner of my eye, whom I haven’t seen since I left 22 years ago. He looked straight at me and said “I know you…” before proceeding to tell me not only who I am, but where I used to live, my brother’s name, what my parents did and who I used to hang out with, aged 11. Spent a very enjoyable – if slightly surreal – 20 minutes or so chatting with him, and remembered fondly how much he used to terrify me as a child.

Then when I got home, I had another blast from the past on Newsnight. Someone from my teenage schooldays turned up on the programme as a newly elected Labour MP. I won’t name her, since my abiding memories of her are how rubbish she was at Badminton, aged 14. She’s clearly come a long way since then, but I’d wager she still can’t play Badminton.

And it wasn’t only me who noticed – on Facebook, an old friend asked “Was that the same X as the X who hid in a cupboard at X’s party with a knife? I’m ringing the Daily Mail RIGHT NOW. Her constituents need to know”.


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