Posted by: Paul | September 23, 2010

Go to sleep…

After months and months without problems (except for waking up at the crack of dawn), Adam’s started waking up in the night. Usually as we’re just dropping off to sleep.

I’m not sure whether it’s because he’s getting over a cold, or something else, but having your sleep interrupted in such a way again is quite annoying. Poor little man though, he’s waking up screaming and crying and takes a good long while to calm down – Mummy is doing a sterling job in this regard, but Daddy’s patience is very short lived post-midnight.

Hopefully it won’t last long. When he was quite little he did have a spate of night terrors – screaming and crying but not really being awake. Maybe it’s the return of that, but he seems more lucid than he did at that time, and when I ask if he’s had a bad dream, he says no.

The real problem though, once he’s awake at this time, is getting him to go back to sleep again. Because once he’s up, he wants to use the potty, then gets in a strop about putting his pyjamas back on, wants to play, wants to be read a story…the one thing we have not yet resorted to is bringing him into bed with us though, don’t want to make a habit of that – I get the feeling that once we start down that road it’s a slippery slope…!


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