Posted by: Paul | September 19, 2010

In Training

A post about Potty Training. Squeamish or disinterested, reach for that back button now.

It’s gone very well, on the whole – for at least the last week or two we’ve basically considered Adam trained – he now asks for the potty when he needs to, which is the benchmark really.

We’d been putting off biting the bullet for a couple of months, not sure he was really ready for it. But we bought him a potty quite some time ago, so we’d been introducing it gradually – especially after our nursery told us one day that he had sat on it at every nappy change. So we started by putting him on it ourselves every night before and after his bath to (a) get him used to it, and (b) prevent him from weeing in the bath which he had done several times!

We were aiming for the middle of August to be P-Week for a couple of reasons – chiefly, that the nursery always shuts for a week in the summer and we had some time off booked so could concentrate on it, and also the hope that the weather is warn so if he does wet himself he can run around outside to dry off, at least.

So, having tried a couple of times to put him in pants for a few hours – both of which ended in messy disaster – we weren’t exactly looking forward to it. But perhaps in the intervening weeks he had developed a bit, as from that week he has not been in a nappy in the daytime since. It was a little bit of work at first – constantly checking if he needed the potty, to try to drum into him to ask for it – but after a few days the inevitable accidents stopped and he was dry all day. And after just one single poo-in-pants episode – which obviosuly convinced him it was Not A Good Idea – he’s been asking for it ever since. It’s been about two weeks since his last accident, and they only now happen on long car journeys really. He’s even had a couple of completely dry nights, though we’re keeping him in night-time pull-ups for now – we’re not that brave and are enjoying our uninterrupted sleep!

So in all it’s gone more smoothly than we dared to hope. If I could offer a couple of tips, they would be clear a whole week, but introduce it gradually a couple of months before. Then when that week arrives, jump in with both feet, be vigilant, and don’t give in and put them in a nappy under any circumstances!


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