Posted by: Paul | September 17, 2010


Hello. Toby the Cat here. Yesterday was the worst day of my life.

Actually, it started the night before. I didn’t even see him coming, he just pounced on me, bit me, and he was gone. I can’t even be sure who he was, but that black and white stray has been giving me the stinkeye…

Anyway, I limped home to bed. When They came up to bed, He reached under me to move me and I yelped with pain, He pressed right where I’d been bitten. Next thing I know it’s morning and I’m being forced into The Box and carried to the Moving Cupboard, for transportation to That Place.

The Man in Green made a sad face, He frowned, and That Baby, who had to come with us, started to cry as I was taken out of the room. I don’t remember much after that – only coming home, staggering around like a dog on rollerskates and being stuck inside.

The worst indignity of all though, is the fact that I’ve been shaved and am now forced to wear this thing, so I can’t lick or scratch where I’ve been bitten. My god it itches, I feel like I’m in cat hell. How long am I going to have to wear this? I can barely move my front legs!


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