Posted by: Paul | September 16, 2010


Toby The Cat is the friendliest, most placid cat you could wish to meet. Unfortunately, the flipside to this is that he thinks everyone is his friend – and some of the neighbourhood cats have other ideas.

Consequently, last night he got bitten for the third time. Everything was fine – then about 9.00 he went out, and came back half an hour later, limping and with some matted fur under his right foreleg, a sure sign of a wound.

On inspection by the vet this morning, sure enough, there’s a bite in what’s basically his armpit. How they got in there I’ve had no idea, they must have formed a biting, hissing ball of fury, but we didn’t hear anything at all. Because of the position of the wound, the vet can’t get in there to shave it and clean it up, as Toby’s clearly in pain and won’t let anyone touch it. So he’s had to be admitted in order to be sedated, and we have to pop back later to pick him up. I’m sure everything will be fine – though he’ll be very narked at having been shaved again and possibly having to wear a cone – but Adam is dreadfully upset. When it was clear that we’d be leaving Toby there he burst into tears, which almost set me off!

I’m sure he’ll be fine though – after all this has happened before, though he hasn’t had to be sedated since he was neutered. When I was given the estimate I silently thanked Ali for making us take out insurance! Will post a pic of him in his shaved, cone-headed glory tomorrow.


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