Posted by: Paul | September 13, 2010


General update today. This message will self destruct in 5…4…

A few deadlines looming this week, and while I don’t feel under particular pressure they have spurred me into a flurry of hard work to get everything done on time, which is a nice change of pace. I hope I’m not jinxing the way everything is going by saying I have a positive outlook on things right now, with more work on the immediate horizon and feelers being put out for the medium term too.

So this week I’m working on an audio tour for Dr Johnson’s House in central London, he of the Dictionary fame. Nice script, some funny Johnson-isms. Editing for that right now, with possibly some mixing to come later. Then two things for the LA County Museum of Art – a mobile phone tour for a Matisse mural recently donated to the museum which goes on show soon (it’s stunning, I think), and also some more script editing for the mobile website project they currently have in development. That’s an interesting and enjoyable job – basically taking pre-existing texts on works and cutting them down / adapting them for access with mobile devices. As I haven’t written much professionally yet, it’s an interesting exercise – being a mobile project, both file size and the concise nature of the text are important factors in the finished product.

Thats it for now. Looking forward to popping up to London tomorrow for a recording session for the Matisse job and hopefully to do some catching up with the AA crew!


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