Posted by: Paul | September 8, 2010


Shameless self-promotion time.

I’m building a website at the moment. Well, I say building, all I’m really doing is uploading photos and MP3s and writing a little bit of text here and there – a site called WebEden is doing the hard work for me.

WebEden is an online site builder – no downloading applications, no Dreamweaver, no HTML, it’s all carried out through whatever your chosen browser happens to be. It’s rather nifty. The tool itself is built in Flash, for all you tech heads, but since you’re not putting Flash onto the page (unless you want to) the resulting site is readable by any PC, or even Flash-phobic Apple products. You simply position everything on the page just as you would if you were producing a presentation.

I found it the same way I find everything – typed it into Google and hey presto, not only was it top of the list but also UK based. It’s a one-stop shop – you can buy your domain through them, or if you already own a domain name you can use your own, and they supply the site building application, and hosting / support service. There’s even a totally free package so you don’t even have to buy a domain name (it just includes .webeden in the address if you don’t).

They have a selection of templates you can choose from, all eminently customiseable, or you can go the whole hog and design your own from scratch. I chose a template and have tweaked it quite a lot, and as the result of just an afternoon and the following morning’s work (including taking and adjusting photos) I have a fully functioning, though still somewhat empty, site. It looks pretty though, and isn’t that half the battle online?

Anyway it’s essentially an online profile, which is pretty much expected by clients and prospective employers nowadays. A miniature showcase for my wares – at least, it will be when I’ve populated it with them. It’s up and running now and you can visit it at the obvious address if you like, but I will refrain from actually advertising it for now until I have time to finish the important pages, the ones which talk about what it is I actually, umm, do.



  1. Thanks for the feedback Paul – its great to hear what people like (or don’t!) about WebEden!

    If you need a hand with anything please drop us a line.


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