Posted by: Paul | August 28, 2010


I’m not sure what it is about a bunch of ageing, balding footballers pulling tickets out of a glorified tombola that I find so fascinating, but I certainly do like a good draw.

Tottenham discovered their fate in the group stage of the Champions League this week, and the general consensus is: could have been better, but could certainly have been worse.

Of course the crucial thing is we drew current champions Inter Milan. Will be a great occasion at both grounds I’m sure – and there’s plenty of time for Rafael Benitez to destroy all Mourinho’s good work at the San Siro before we play them at the end of October.

As for the others – we beat Werder Bremen in the UEFA Cup a few years ago, and I would be more worried about Dutch champions FC Twente if Steve McLaren was still in charge. Somewhat ironic, no?

The draw saw relatively safe groups for the other three English clubs, who shouldn’t meet much opposition on their passage to the knockout stage.

In other draw news, the Carling Cup saw three all-premiership ties, including Spurs v Arsenal. Can’t say I’m terribly happy about that, in a competition which has been kind to us in recent years.

It just goes to show that there really ‘are no easy games at this level’ – currently being proved right by Spurs who are 1-0 down at home against Wigan, who shipped 10 goals in their first two games. I’m going to sign off while I still believe we can turn it round :-/


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