Posted by: Paul | August 27, 2010


Adam’s just starting to get into the Pixar movies. I heard a while ago that Finding Nemo was a great movie to show to very young kids as the vivid colour scheme takes on a soothing, hypnotic quality. Just what you need when you want to calm a tantrum!

But that one doesn’t really work for Adam. He’ll sit and watch it for about half an hour before wandering off to do something else. What he really loves, perhaps unsurprisingly being a little boy, is Cars.

Cars was one we missed at the cinema. I have to say the awful initial trailer put me off – no plot, just racing, and low res/low detail at that, it really was surprisingly poor. So we let it slide and picked it up on DVD a few years later and were pleasantly surprised – particularly on a decent TV/DVD player it looks pristine, and its rip-off of Doc Hollywood, big car in a small town schtick is quite charming once you get into it.

But the effect it has on Adam is astounding. He pays such close attention, wants to watch it all the time, and knows all the character names. What with Disney’s mass merchandising empire still in full swing for Cars – though it was slow to perform in comparison to say Toy Story, the toys, comics, lunchboxes etc etc are running and running with no signs of stopping – we won’t be stuck for Christmas present ideas. Its success is such that they are producing a second movie, destined for the straight to DVD market – the first time Pixar has done this, once Toy Story 2 was designated for cinematic release. Will that be a slippery slope for quality?

I love the Pixar movies, but my particular favourite is The Incredibles. Perhaps because I’m a Watchmen fan (it takes its central conceit, that of superheroes outlawed and forced to operate in secret) from the graphic novel, and is in my opinion the most adult of the films in terms of theme. It’s hard to beat the sight of Bob, Mr Incredible, forced to work in an insurance office 😉


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