Posted by: Paul | August 26, 2010

Radio FAIL

Amusing thing I heard on the radio this morning. Dr Phil Hammond – you know, the comedy doctor who is a real GP – has a short show on Thursday mornings about Doctors who either live in very unusual places, or are undertaking great journeys and trials. I heard the first one last week, and the R4 continuity announcer introduced it as “GPs? Who Needs GPs?“.

I thought this was a little odd – bit of a strong title for something fronted by a GP, and it didn’t seem to have much to do with the show. However, this morning I caught this week’s episode. I missed the beginning but listened to the last 10 minutes, about a doc going up Kilimanjaro as part of an expedition. At the end came the usual sign-off:

“That was “GPs who need G.P.S.”, presented by Dr Phil Hammond.”

I laughed so hard I nearly put the car through a wall. The announcer was sooo careful to enunciate each letter of GPS. I bet Dr Phil was most upset after last week.

It reminded me of a great blog, Radio Fail, which posts clips of mishaps on the radio – pronunciation mistakes, accidental swearies, people phoning up in attempts to get the presenters to say very naughty things, it’s very funny (but rude, so consider yourself advised). My personal favourite is a news report which ends with the story of a suicide attempt by someone flinging themselves off a hotel balcony, and all the while in the background you can hear the presenter carefully cueing up “Jump” by Van Halen. I can just see the producer’s ashen face, banging on the glass and frantically waving “Stop!”


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